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Miyerkules, Hunyo 5, 2013 1st Payment 
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The company Silver Oz is carefully tracking all new researches, actively cooperating with prominent manufacturers whose activities involve the use of silver. A few months ago Silver Oz won the tender of one of the leading Japanese industrial holdings, which for 12 years has been actively investigating the properties of silver for the purposes of production of a new generation of batteries. It was discovered that this metal has a high thermal conductivity, resistance to the influence of the environment, the highest electrical conductivity, so it is ideal for use in batteries with higher rates of energy capacity. In addition, the new researches have substantially improved the life period of silver batteries. It is assumed that the new generation of cars will be supplied with silver batteries which will have the same life period as the operating life of the vehicle itself.
At the moment, the corporation Silver Oz is actively investing into the development of new silver deposits, as our tender contract has guaranteed the demand for this metal for the next eight years. In addition, the company is also actively involved in numerous other projects related to the application of silver. Today, Silver Oz is also working with companies producing mirrors of premium class in which a silver base is used for a high reflective effect and noticeable aesthetic benefits. Of course, the company has not abandoned the jewelry market which it was initially focused on, but on the contrary, it maintains its strong positions in this field.

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